<h1>HOW SOLAR WORKS</h1> <img src="../img/zeh/how-solar-works.jpg" alt="How Solar Works" border="0" usemap="#Map"> <map name="Map"> <area shape="rect" coords="223,7,301,29" href="#" alt="Sunlight"> <area shape="rect" coords="13,44,196,70" href="#" alt="Anti-reflection Coating"> <area shape="rect" coords="316,50,432,69" href="#" alt="Front Contact"> <area shape="rect" coords="437,78,502,98" href="#" alt="Current"> <area shape="rect" coords="15,71,191,88" href="#" alt="Transparent Adhesive"> <area shape="rect" coords="16,92,114,111" href="#" alt="Cover Glass"> <area shape="rect" coords="17,231,193,244" href="#" alt="n-type Semiconductor"> <area shape="rect" coords="16,251,191,272" href="#" alt="p-type Semiconductor"> <area shape="rect" coords="316,246,429,272" href="#" alt="Back Contact"> </map> <br> <strong>Solar cells</strong>, the shiny <strong>rooftop panels</strong>, are made primarily of silicon, a semiconductor. When light strikes the <strong>solar cell</strong>, or photovoltaic module, a relatively high percentage of the sun's rays is absorbed into the silicon material. <br> This energy activates and loosens electrons, allowing them to flow freely. Incorporated into the <strong>solar cells</strong> are electrodes, a networked grid that forces the freed electrons to flow in a designated direction, creating an <strong>electrical current</strong>. <h1>SOLAR ENERGY IN ACTION</h1><img src="../img/zeh/solar-energy-in-action.jpg" alt="Solar Energy in Action" border="0" usemap="#Map2"> <map name="Map2"> <area shape="rect" coords="8,37,345,138" href="#solar-modules" alt="1. Solar modules absorb the sun's rays and efficiently convert them into usable energy. Depending on your electricity requirements, a number of solar modules can be strung together; following the roofline."> <area shape="rect" coords="383,231,429,260" href="#inverter" alt="2. The inverter receives the DC current that the solar modules deliver and converts it into AC power. The inverter manages the entire process automatically."> <area shape="rect" coords="309,183,353,216" href="#solar-power-monitor" alt="3. This solar power monitor displays current and cumulative readouts on electricity generation, power consumption and CO2 reduction levels."> <area shape="rect" coords="336,251,365,283" href="#" alt="4. The solar electrical system is connected to the utility grid through a standard utility net meter, which tracks the net power usage and spins backward when energy production exceeds usage."> </map> <a name="solar-modules"> <h2>SOLAR MODULES</h2> <strong>Innovative Design</strong>: Sharp's <strong>solar modules</strong> offer high performance and proprietary design, including triangular, easy-fit <strong>panels</strong> that conform to angled rooflines, offering greater design flexibility. Unparalleled Performance: Based on 45 years of research and development, our modules boast a <strong>high conversion efficiency</strong>, the percentage of sunlight that is converted into <strong>energy</strong>. <a name="inverter"> <h2>INVERTER</h2> Sharp Innovation: Sharp's Inverter has made <strong>solar power</strong> more affordable and extremely reliable. Unique to the industry, the 3.5 kW high power output is ideally sized for residential use and may reduce the number of inverters needed to fulfill large electricity requirements. It has a unique ability to blend electricity from modules on up to three different roof surfaces, allowing the design of systems that are both attractive and meet exact power requirements.<a name="solar-power-monitor"> <h2>SOLAR POWER MONITOR</h2> User Friendly: Most inverters have a data read-out directly on the device which may be mounted outside the house. Sharp, however, has created a separate monitor for design-conscious consumers that fits beautifully into the decor of any home. Its in-house readout and touch-sensitive operation provide current and cumulative readouts on <strong>electricity generation</strong>, power consumption, and <strong>CO2 reduction</strong> levels. <h1>SHARP SOLAR BENEFITS</h1> For 45 years, Sharp has been a leader in <strong>solar power generation</strong>. From the very first <strong>solar powered</strong> calculators to complete <strong>residential systems</strong>, Sharp is the trusted name in high-quality <strong>solar generation</strong> products. <h2>BETTER FOR YOUR BUDGET</h2> When you generate clean, <strong>renewable electricity</strong> for your home with a Sharp solar system, you can reduce the amount of energy you purchase from your utility, <strong>lower your electric bills</strong>, and provide a measure of protection against future utility rate increases.<br> In most states, you can increase your savings by selling any surplus electricity you generate back to the utility, generating a credit on your bill. You can even save right up front, with <strong>state-funded rebates</strong> and <strong>tax credits</strong> that may cut your system's purchase price by as much as 70%. Visit <a href="../tax-deduction-credit-abatement-rebate">http://www.4EverGren13.com/tax-deduction-credit-abatement-rebate</a> for up-to-date information on financial incentives in your area. <h2>BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT</h2> Today, concerned homeowners who care about their families and the future want to take a more active role in <strong>protecting the environment</strong>. A Sharp <strong>Solar System</strong> is one of the most responsible, ecologically-sensitive choices they can make. Our high-efficiency, state-of-the-art <strong>solar electric systems</strong> draw on a <strong>renewable resource</strong>, sunlight, that uses no fossil fuels and generates no pollution. Sharp's <strong>solar systems</strong> are designed and built to be safe, clean, and quiet, further enhancing and protecting your quality of life.