Energy Efficient Mortgage Worksheet
Borrower's Name:
Property Address:
FHA Case #:
A. Qualifying Mortgage Amount
1. Mortgage (w/o MIP) (line 1 1d of the MCAW-PUR or line 10g from MCAW WS)
A. $
B. EEM Amount
The Home Energy Rating Report will provide the information on the Recommended Energy Package, its cost, and the present value of the energy saved. The cost of the Energy Package (not to exceed $8,000) can be added to A if the cost is less than the Present Value of the energy saved:
Compare Cost and PV of energy savings:
1.Cost of Energy package $
2. PV of Energy Saved $
3. Is PV more than Cost? Y / N
If Yes, Continue:
1. If Cost is less than $4,000, enter the Cost in B. (or)
B. $ 0
2. If the Cost is more than $4,000, but 5% of the value is less than $4,000, enter $4,000 in B. (or)
3. If the Cost is less than 5% of the value, but 5% of value is more than $4,000 enter the lesser of the cost or $8,000 (or)
4. If the Cost is greater than 5% of value, enter the lesser of 5% of value or $8,000 in B
C. Final EEM Mortgage Amount (w/o MIP)
Add A and B
C. $ 0