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Company Logo Product Logo We are a lifestyle brand that celebrates and encourages our voices to be heard in the written word. Through our t-shirt lines, we hope to help facilitate important change in our planet, our politics, our world, our future. All of our t-shirts are made with ingredients that are environmentally respectful.
Company Logo Product Logo If you own or manage commercial or public property like parking structures, parking lots, parks, roads, shopping centers, convention centers, hotels, etc  and you need to reduce your operating costs, and in the process reduce your impact on the environment then you need Induction Lighting. The experts at ADG ECO Lighting Products have a solution to your lighting dilemma, trough Induction Technology, we can make your space brighter .
Company Logo Product Logo Check it out - some drinks seem to come straight from a chemical factory! They're loaded with funky junk you can't even pronounce. But not Adina's healthy brews! Our great taste comes from pure, natural ingredients. No high-fructose corn syrup, no chemicals ? and never, ever anything artificial.

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