100 Gallon BioDiesel 'Batch' Reactor Design
Converted to 1,000 gallon 'Continuous Feed' PHYTO-TRON Design
with SonoChemistry for under $10,000.00 After Govt. Rebates.

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21st Century
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Green Jobs

4.5 billion gallons of waste vegetable oil is produced in the U.S. per year at a total street value converted to BioDiesel of 25 billion dollars.

Not until the 2009 Recovery Tax Act including Section II, Renewable Energy, has there been more 'public
money' available to devise a comprehensive Marketing plan to 'capture' and 'recycle' as much of the
4.5 billion gallons of waste 'feed stock' as possible. Including a rebate of 1/2 the purchase price of the equipment and $1.00 per gallon rebate.

Government is a 75% guarantor of the QUENCH! BioDiesel Lubricating SLIME  National Marketing Plan which is based upon a totally 'decentralized' and 'independent' production and sales internet-connected network.  All of the Govt. incentives are more focused on what has become to be known as 'community scale' size, approximately 1,000 gallons per day systems, localized and turnkey.

With a 'McDonalds-like' decentralized and independent but absolutely standardized approach, the Big Mac in Maine is exactly the same in Idaho.  A National Biodiesel production network can be similarly constructed from local 'independent Co-operatives' consisting of one (1) 200-count restaurant 'territories' (and/or farm production of virgin oil)

The Govt. not only guarantees a 75% subsidy, through a variety of avenues, The Govt. is the ultimate consumer of the product.  Govt. agencies nationwide, including school districts are mandated to purchase up to 15% renewable energy and with the included mandate to 'buy locally'.

At approximately 10,000 'territories' of 200-count restaurants each, the green employment Impact would be a direct contribution of 100,000 jobs.

A totally UNexploited fact is that the BioDiesel product has 30 times the lubricating properties than refined diesel.  The value of the BioDiesel as a 'lubricating additive' is at least twice the value than refined diesel  In other words, if refined diesel is worth $2.50 per gallon, then BioDiesel as a lubricating additive is worth $5.00 per gallon.

A name and Logo has been developed to display a McDonalds-Like standardization of the quality of the BioDiesel being sold, even though produced locally, when the customer sees the logo:

SLIME - BioDiesel Lubricant
QUENCH! Your Motor's Thirst

All of the comparable grant applications, such as the Oberlin College “community scale” grant,

Columbia University, etc. end with the assembly of a simple, batch-type Transesterification Reactor. Each Government funded BioDiesel grant falls far short of developing a simple 'turn key' standardization of feed stock acquisition, production, distribution, sales, marketing and accounting 'model' that can be easily adapted anywhere and internet inter-active managed to create jobs.